Tooth Extraction

If you are in pain or you have other reasons that you might need to have a tooth extracted we can help you.

There are a number of reasons you may need to have a tooth extracted such as severe decay, advanced gum disease, or you have a broken tooth. Other reasons for a tooth extraction include making space in the mouth for braces or to allow room for adult teeth to grow in.

Our doctors will exam you to determine whether or not extracting the tooth is the best option for you.

In the cases of wisdom tooth removal, you will need to have a surgical tooth extraction.

A surgical extraction means your dentist will make an incision along your gum line to expose the tooth, and remove any bone that is still covering the tooth to allow it to be removed.

A common question that we encounter is how much will a tooth extraction cost. The cost of a tooth extraction will vary depending on the type of procedure that you need.

After the dentist has completed a thorough examination and determines the best procedure we will provide you with the fees associated with the procedure, as well as options available to ensure you receive the dental care you need in a way that fits your budget.

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